Stones in His Pockets

By Marie Jones

Directed by Tim Ocel
October 27 – November 20

This one strikes a chord equidistant between heartstring and funny bone. Rural Ireland gets a shot of Hollywood glam, and a village is sent spinning. They’re a charming lot, these townsfolk – funny and f lawed and brimming with hope. Not for nothing, all 15 characters are played by two brilliant actors who know how to find the humanity in each and every one. And within that extraordinary feat is a charming parable about how our pursuit of the latest shiny object can wall us off from the people we care about, and how a tragedy can help us rediscover life. About just who we can be when we let ourselves dream, whether we’re principal or bit player. A sweet, post-summer nightcap.

Featuring Nate Burger & Marcus Trushinski playing every role.

Dates and times

This event finished on November 12, 2022.

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