Hamlet - APT at Home

By William Shakespeare

Directed by James DeVita
August 8– October 8

Shakespearean tales tend toward the grand, featuring royals whose every impulse impacts a kingdom. Yet within the magnum opus that is Hamlet, there is, simply, Hamlet. A prince, yes, bearing the full weight of that heavy title. But a young man all the same, caught in a net of indecision, and struggling with grief. With familial turmoil and first love’s feathered touch. With his own aspirations and doubts. But doubt is a sharp and splintered bone that can pierce the hearts of those who stray too close, regardless of whether they’re friend or foe. A literary masterpiece both grandiose and human; one of the all-time greats on our humble Hill stage.

Featuring Nate Burger as Hamlet. Also featuring Kelsey Brennan, David Daniel, Alys Dickerson, Jamal James, Chiké Johnson, Colleen Madden & Triney Sandoval.

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