A Phoenix Too Frequent

By Christopher Fry

Directed by Keira Fromm

Here we have the classic “boy-meets-girl, boy-dies, girl-meets-handsome-soldier-in-the-first-boy’s-tomb-while-waiting-to-die-with-her-faithful-servant” story. It may sound ridiculous. And it is. But youth is often a ridiculous ride, and it’s hard to be hopeless for long when you’re on it. Feel free to laugh with them as they attempt to find their way in the literal dark, with a bellyful of wine and all the earnest, wobbly assurance of people dealing with death just as they’re learning to live life. Quirky and Greeky and oh-so funny, with a deceptively deep story, this one promises a delightful time in the Touchstone (or, for that matter, on video). Originally slated for the 2020 season.

Featuring Phoebe Gonzàlez, Tyler Meredith & Christopher Sheard

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